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Agile survey 2021 - Results

DA Team is happy to share the first results of the survey "How Agile are companies in the Netherlands in 2021?''.
Check out our first Agile Study Survey 2021 Newsletter below.
Agile-survey-page-1.JPG  Agile-survey-page-2.JPG
If you are interested to know more, please follow up our next Newsletter which will also include data from the comparative analysis made on a European level, and join our @Chapter event together with @Threon later this year for a full presentation.
You are very welcome to share your feedback and contact us with the mark "2021AgileSurvey'' by email development@pmi-nl.nl, disciplined-agile@pmi-nl.nl or contact us on Linkedin @Arina Zaytseva or @Getjan Lammers.


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