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Announcement Call for Knowledge Sharing Initiative v20201116


Let’s Create PMI-NL Knowledge Sharing Platform Together


What common experience do we have in managing PM processes? What tools, techniques, methodologies did we utilize efficiently or inefficiently? What are their benefits and disadvantages? Asking such simple questions about soft and technical subjects to other Project Managers would be possible should we have an “open space” for knowledge sharing.

To kick-off this open-space initiative, we organize an informal meeting to collect PMI-NL Chapter members’ ideas which will help to design this platform in a most beneficial way.



Because of Covid19, it is no longer possible to come together physically at a chapter meeting. Although we have now regular PMINLCH webinars, we miss the informal networking opportunity. But we can still utilize this period to foster our learning and sharing with interactive knowledge sharing sessions. This knowledge sharing platform would help PMI chapter members connect with each other for informal collaboration and unhindered flow of information.


We believe that members could use this platform to discuss things in real-time, create discussion boards and contribute to Q&A sessions, etc. They could learn from each other’s experience which might not be found in any online webinar or text book.


We cannot design this kind of knowledge sharing platform without knowing your requirements and suggestions. Therefore, we cordially invite you to participate actively in the discussions and share your thoughts about how we can make this platform reliable, sustainable and interactive together, in this meeting.


The PMI-NL Chapter, will host the virtual event at 17:00 – 18:00 on December 17th via Zoom.



In the first session, we will present a short introduction of this project and show an example of how we can exchange ideas on such platform. In the second session, we’ll ask your requirements and suggestions.


We look forward to meeting with you.


Wim Maas Geesteranus

Reyhan Unsalan


For more information

Email: wim.maasg@outlook.com


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