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Announcement Yearly Board Elections


Dear Chapter Member,

Based on the Chapter By-Laws we would herewith like to call your attention for the upcoming Election of the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter for 2021-2022.

Are you interested in becoming a Board Member for PMI Netherlands Chapter?

Soon you will receive a message in your email box appeal for the yearly board election process. This is the opportunity for you to apply for a Board position.

The work will be rewarding, interesting, you learn a lot and above all this opportunity allows you to help the PMI Netherlands community value for their membership improving knowledge and competency.

Based on the charter bylaws, the terms of office are defined to end on 31 December 2020 for the following officers with their respective positions:

Based on the charter bylaws

Board member


Term status

Ger van der Geld


Vacant after second term per 31/12/2020

Fons van de Wouw


Vacant after second term per 31/12/2020

Helen Meijer


Open for election 2nd term.

Vikram Srivastava

Director Marketing & Communication

Vacant after second term per 31/12/2020

Drake Morse

Director Development

Open for election 2nd term.

Peter Ryan


Director Membership & Volunteers

Continue as per term

Liz Hector

Director Academic Outreach

Continue as per term

Priscilla Bakx Kabai

Director Events

Vacant, per direct due to a conflict of interest with Global PMI regulations


Therefore, the Board will call nominees for these positions in the Board for a 2-year term 2021-2022, starting officially on January 1st 2021.

About the election process

Beginning of September, the nominations period opens, you will receive an email where we call for candidates

Candidates can nominate themselves for each of the two open positions. Also, nominations for more than one position are possible. In that case the candidate is requested to supply an order of preference for the positions in his/her nomination

Candidates can nominate (only) themselves until September 30th, 2020

The Elections Committee checks the credentials of the candidates,

Beginning of October, the Chapter members will be asked to cast their votes,

In approx. the third week of October the Elections Committee will count the votes and establish which candidate is elected to which position,

Elected candidates will be informed by the Chapter Board,

All Candidates will be briefed by the Elections Committee or Chapter Board in person,

The election results will be announced in the newsletter and published on the Chapter website,

In December or January, the old and new Board will meet (if possible) a whole day to prepare the business plan for 2021,

On January 1st, 2021 the newly elected Board members start their first 2-year term and the re-elected members start their second and last 2-year term.


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