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Easy Is the New Cool: Work Management Solution for Remote Workers

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Following my last article on virtual team management I would like to continue, on how can work be managed when the team and the managers are all working remotely.

Working remotely means that people need to observe their usual working hours & breaks, avoid the temptation to work from bed, but also need to get to productive ways of working virtually together with their team. The major challenge is staying focused and knowing the priorities, understanding what needs to be done today and how are your colleagues dependent on your work. As a manager, it is important to have an overview of the planned deliverables, and as team member it is important to have a clear focus on the priority and where the dependencies are.

Today technology can support you not only to have your Teams channels and share your files, chat and collaborate but also to have Project for the web in TEAMS to be able to manage your work effectively. This modern work management solution not only helps you collaborate, share and talk using Teams but also manage your work with full transparency.

Let us try to understand it from a manager and team perspective

Team`s challenges when working remote

For an individual team member it is important to understand what their priorities are, how their work is dependent on others, the plan they need to follow and how they can collaborate to have an impactful and productive work day, which helps in keeping the motivation and focus high.


It is important for every team member to be able to prioritize and understand what their priorities are for the day, so they together deliver the value and meet their teams and managers expectations. Project for the web Board helps the employee to prioritize and assign tasks to everyone across the team, organization and external partners. 


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