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Education Package for Secondary Schools


How did you become a project manager?

What do you do when you go to work?


Do you recognize these questions? Chances are you are talking to a secondary school student wondering what to study or having worked on a project at school and trying to relate this to your work.

During covid, when teaching at schools was not possible, the Academic Outreach and Education Foundation (AOEF) team picked up the challenge to create an education package that can be used by all members of PMI the Netherlands. This package aims at combining the two mottos:

  • AOEF: Build a better world through project management and provide skills for life
  • PMI the Netherlands: creating value for our members

In March, we will test the package at a secondary school in the Hague before making this available to all of you.

Are you interested in this package yourself or perhaps even in giving a guest lecture at a secondary school, please get in touch with us at academic-outreach@pmi-nl.nl.


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