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Event Highlight #1: Summit 2024: Conference section

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The conference will feature parallel sessions dedicated to showcasing recent research presentations. Each session will be chaired by an expert who will manage the presentations and evaluate the manuscripts. Presenters will be allocated 15 minutes to present their work, followed by a 5-minute question-and-answer session to facilitate discussion and the exchange of ideas.

To recognize outstanding contributions, after each session, one or two presentations will be selected as the best in that session. These exceptional presenters will receive a certificate of recognition during the closing ceremony, acknowledging their achievements and the quality of their work.

By implementing this format, the conference aims to provide a platform for researchers to present their findings, engage in constructive dialogue, and celebrate excellence in their respective fields.

For the list of topics, please see the following page: https://summit.pmi-nl.nl/call-papers.

Paper Submission and Review Process

All participants can upload their papers through www.portal-mysigma.com, which is an editorial platform.

Once the manuscripts are submitted, the organizer will conduct an internal review to ensure compliance with certain criteria. This review includes assessing the manuscript's length, the quality of figures and tables, and verifying that the papers are written in acceptable English.

To maintain ethical publishing standards, the organizer strictly prohibits all forms of plagiarism. As a preventive measure, the organizer utilizes the Turnitin service to check all papers for similarity to previously published works. The maximum accepted similarity is set at 25%. If plagiarism is detected during the internal review, the organizer will promptly communicate the details to the Editors.

The Editors will then evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate action. They may suggest additional revisions to address the identified misconduct or recommend excluding the manuscript. The authors will be duly informed of the Editors' decision.

If the Editors refuse to cooperate in addressing the plagiarism concern, the organizer retains the right to deny publication to the respective authors or reject the entire publication. The organizer is committed to maintaining the integrity of the conference proceedings and ensuring that only original and properly cited research is published.

Upon completion of the review process, the organizer will distribute the manuscripts to reviewers who specialize in the respective research areas. This ensures that each manuscript receives a thorough and unbiased evaluation by experts in the field.

Publications and Proceedings

All accepted manuscripts will be considered for publication in one of our indexed publications, with details to be announced later.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me through development@pmi-nl.nl.


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