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Have you ever been a new sheriff?


Have you ever been a "new sheriff in town" or, in other words,  asked to take over an existing project? If you have, you know that it is no easy task. There are pitfalls and potential issues with stakeholders, team members, the project plan, or the project's product design.

So how do you navigate the issues surrounding assessment, acceptance, correction, and alignment that are required for success? Martin Fenelon took us through a comprehensive presentation on 7 February that covered these points and more. 

Martin, a long-time project manager turned author, created a free download workbook, a book available for € 1 on amazon, and shared his presentation with us. This content represents years of practical experience, and research Martin has done on this topic. The links to access this material are below. 

This event included a lively online discussion where many attendees shared their thoughts, experiences, and questions. In addition, we ran several polls which showed that more than 80% of us have had to take over an 'in-flight project,' More than 70% said that the status given did not present the facts of the project, and almost half indicated that the project struggled to succeed. So, the data shows that this kind of content is more important than ever.

IPMA and PMI co-presented this talk together with CGI. We have more plans to create joint ventures of this kind in the future, so please look for that. We want to thank the IPMA Chapter for hosting the event.

New Sheriff in Town Content Access:  

Martin's presentation PDF is available on our website - get it here. Get the Free downloadable workbook - subscribepage.io/24CLmg

The entire book has all the models, details, and examples - https://www.amazon.com/Theres-New-Sheriff-Town-Successfully-ebook/dp/B0BMWL47H1


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