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IPMA-NL & PMI-NL Chapter | Knowledge session “ISO for projects”

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Project management standards

We may already be familiar with one or more project management methods/standards, from PMBOK and PRINCE2 to Project-Based Working. And possibly also the IPMA competency model. Since 2012, NEN-ISO also has standards for project, program, and portfolio management (PPPM). Helpful to get an independent picture of what is needed to manage a project, program, or portfolio of projects, regardless of personal competencies. After a general introduction to the NEN-ISO 21500 series of PPPM standards, we discuss the potential certifiable standard for projects and the standard for the post-evaluation of projects and programs currently under development.

Several sessions and webinars on "ISO for projects" have been organized for IPMA Nederland and PMI Netherlands members. We now want to present the latest developments. Talk to (inter)national project management professionals who contribute to developing ISO standards about your ideas and needs for a certifiable independent standard for projects and a standard for the post-evaluation of projects and programs.


Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: NEN, Vlinderweg 6, 2623 AX Delft

Investment: Free admission

Project management standards

There are plenty of project management standards or, if you like, project management methodologies. Think of PMBOK, PRINCE2, Project-Based Working, Project-Based Creation, Agile, Scrum, and the more recent PM2. They may or may not be linked to a certification system to demonstrate that people have at least knowledge of and, in some cases, experience with the application of the methodology/standard.

These certifications are almost always personal and not organizational. ISO and NEN want to change this.

Since 2012, NEN-ISO has published the organization-independent 21500 series of standards for project, program, and portfolio management, including the following standards:

  • NEN-ISO 21500-2021 Context and concepts
  • NEN-ISO 21502-2020 Guideline for project management
  • NEN-ISO 21503-2018 Guideline for program management
  • NEN-ISO 21504-2022 Guideline for portfolio management
  • NEN-ISO 21505-2017 Guideline for governance
  • NEN-ISO 21506-2018 Terminology
  • NEN-ISO 21508-2018 Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • NEN-ISO 21511-2018 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • NEN-ISO 21512-202X Implementation Guide for EVM
  • NEN-ISO 21513-202X Guideline for the post-evaluation of projects and programs

For whom and what are these NEN-ISO standards intended?

  • For organizations that want to control, manage, and realize projects, programs, or portfolios of projects and programs even better and with more success - internally or externally, or a combination thereof;
  • For organizations in any sector and industry, regardless of size or complexity - universal applicability in any organization;
  • For partnerships and merger organizations - as a neutral connector;
  • For clients and contractors – to ensure the quality and success of projects and programs;
  • For auditors and assessors - universal and uniform assessment framework for professional/good practice project, program, and portfolio management;
  • For project, program, and portfolio management professionals - both for application in the field and for professional development;
  • For education and research – training and research framework for professional/good practice project, program, and portfolio management;
  • For financiers of projects and programs – assessment framework for professional/good practice project, program, and portfolio management;
  • For projects and programs for (internal) change, improvement, and innovation.

Because NEN-ISO standards have been developed by project professionals worldwide with various backgrounds and published by an independent party, they have already been elevated to the national standard for the project environment in several countries, including the Netherlands.

In this session, we will provide a brief explanation of the existing NEN-ISO 21500 series of standards and discuss with the (inter)national working group members present, who are meeting in Delft to work on standards, where your needs arise and whether you would require a certifiable standard for projects as well as a standard for the post-evaluation of projects and programs.

Please note: During the session, a number of leading project management professionals from the Netherlands and abroad will be present for discussion. Therefore, the session will be conducted in English.

Are you interested?

The members of IPMA Netherlands and PMI Netherlands can participate for free in this meeting on June 5 from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM at NEN in Delft. Do you want to be there? Then register:

  1. For PMI Netherlands members: via the website https://pmi-nl.nl/calendar?eventId=38331
  2. For IPMA members: via My IPMA. Are you not a member yet? Create a free account here to register or become a member.


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