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New Partnership Opens Doors for Chapter Members to Advance Their Careers


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” – Bobby Unser

It brings me great joy to announce our alliance with Triceps, a leading expert in career coaching and talent assessments. This exciting partnership opens a gateway of opportunities for our PMI Netherlands Chapter members as they elevate their careers to new heights. It is a joint mission to equip members with the tools, insights, and support needed to excel in their professional endeavors. Together, let's unlock our full potential and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career journey.


Anna, can you tell us more about the Chapter’s Career Portal?

Anna Yampolskaya – Career Portal Lead, PMI Netherlands Chapter

Our PMI NL Career Portal serves as a one-stop destination for members to explore project, program, and portfolio management career opportunities and access exclusive resources for professional growth. With a user-friendly interface, the portal offers the value of connecting members with industry experts, boosting networking, and providing the necessary guidance towards achieving career goals with confidence.

We are thrilled to share that PMI NL Chapter has joined forces with Triceps. This strategic partnership will empower our members with exclusive opportunities for personal and professional growth. Explore our new career development offerings, including single sessions where you can gain fresh perspectives on leadership and management topics, talent assessments and guided feedback sessions, and insightful conversations to uncover your hidden aptitudes and career development areas.

Visit our website to see how you can benefit from this new partnership.



Frank, what is the goal of Triceps collaboration with the PMI NL Chapter?

Frank Weegink – Executive Coach, & Search Consultant, Triceps

Triceps’ mission is to support (project) management professionals in their development and career advancement. Triceps aims to achieve this by leveraging its extensive experience in management and coaching to help project managers unleash their untapped potential and develop personal leadership skills. By joining forces with the PMI NL Chapter, Triceps seeks to learn and work together, benefiting mutually from the partnership. The focus of our collaboration is on boosting insights, personal leadership skills, and soft skills for project managers, addressing areas such as stakeholder engagement, people management, and career advancement/transitions, and ultimately enabling project managers to make a real difference in their roles. For that, we are pleased to join the network of the PMI NL Chapter.


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