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PM4TheWorld Earthquake Relief & PM insights - PMI members earn PDUs


PM4TheWorld's Earthquake Relief event brings aid to Türkiye and Syria. The February earthquakes brought widespread destruction and devastation to the region—one of this century's most deadly disasters. 

Project Management for the World (PM4TheWorld) cooperated with Project Management Institute (PMI) to organize a unique 24-hour event to bring awareness, empathy, and support to the region's people. The event kicked off with a message from PMI CEO, Pierre Le Manhn. We also heard a summary from our Türkiye PMI members of the situation and how local agencies and groups are working to provide aid and support. Hearing the many stories of the long-term impact of basics such as food, shelter, personal safety, and education was harrowing. In addition, the team described the region's survivors who have had to flee the area due to a lack of infrastructure and unsafe conditions, leading to a loss of community and culture for decades to come. 
After Türkiye, speakers from Africa, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia presented the event as followed the sun around the world. Our global coalition highlighted that we all have a part to play when disaster strikes. 
PM4TheWorld focused on how Project Management and Leaders have unique skills that support aid efforts: 

* Raising funds to help.Add your contribution here. 

* Sharing knowledge and skills to assist Charities and teams providing aid. See videos and more ondisaster impact and relief here. 
* Presenting 20 diverse presentations highlighting disaster relief work, corporate responsibility, and leadership in managing the growing chaos from global disruption.Event replay details below. 

Read what attendees say about the event: 

* “It has helped me to see how project management can be used to advance the cause of humanity.”
* “As a result of this event, I will carefully consider how I might be able to make a difference when global needs arise.”

* “The social cause behind this event and the efforts taken to organize such a massive 24-hour event itself takes a great effort. Lot of project management skills can be acquired through this initiative.”
* “Seeing how everyone is ready to help with their profession was promising.”

* “It has helped me to understand how to use my PM skills in social and humanitarian projects.”
* “The sharing of the organization and the gathering of people from different disciplines in such a process was very impressive.”

* “Volunteering by making an impact is the most noble act. I would like to volunteer in affected areas to assist with rescue and recovery efforts. Also Offer emotional support to the people.”
Are you interested in the day's presentations, videos, and transcripts? The link to this event content will be available soon - when it is we will post the details on linked in.

PM4TheWorld is an international volunteer network founded by a group of professionals who care about the world and the people living in it. We aim to help those affected by disasters, whether man-made or natural, regardless of their race, culture, or religion.

Our mission is to initiate, back, and promote events supporting families impacted by ongoing or unique situations in partnership with not-for-profit organizations that share our objectives. 

PM4TheWorld has also supported events for Ukraine relief and is planning future events to raise awareness and funds in other regions.    


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