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PMBOK® GUIDE - 7th Edition


The PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition is the latest published version of the PMBOK® Guide (2021). The guide
 has been updated to meet the challenges presented by emerging technology, new approaches and rapid market changes which are driving the profession to evolve.

As of 2022 the PMP exam will be based on this edition, which:

* Reflects the full range of development approaches (predictive, traditional, adaptive, agile,
hybrid, etc.), while the 6th edition was mainly focused on Waterfall

* Instead of 10 knowledge areas it covers 8 performance domains critical for the effective delivery
of project outcomes:

1. Team
2. Stakeholders

3. Life cycle
4. Planning

5. Navigating uncertainty and ambiguity
6. Delivery

7. Performance
8. Project work

* Expands the list of tools and techniques in a new section, “Models, Methods, and Artifacts”
* Contains The Standard for Project Management that is covering 12 Project Delivery Principles:

1. Stewardship
2. Team

3. Stakeholders

4. Value

5. Holistic thinking

6. Leadership
7. Tailoring

8. Quality

9. Complexity

10. Opportunity and threats

11. Adaptability and resilience
12. Change management

and not anymore the 5 processes outlined in the previous editions (Initiate, Planning, etc)

* Focuses on project outcomes in addition to deliverables

The 6th edition has been sunset and is only available to members for download but select concepts from this edition are still viable project management practices. For example, PMI recognizes and supports the Process Groups Model as one of several valid and reliable models. For this reason, PMI has developed a new resource dedicated to supporting the Process Groups Model: Process Groups: A Practice Guide (2022).


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