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PMINLCH: Quarterly Members Event – Q2 2021 – ‘The PMI NL Themes Special’

Important Notice
This past 10th of June the 2nd Quarterly Members Event (Q2 2021) took place. The main subject of the event was "Themes Launch and Members feedback Forum". We went through the goals of each of the Themes with the advocates and took questions from the audience.
Themes have been aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle to:
  • Address the members need for clarity on PDU events
  • Focus on content that members want
  • Increase member diversity to new areas (students and women, as an example)
Themes will be included in how we communicate, plan and run future events.
To find out more about the Themes, check out this 2 min video.
If you want to ask a question about any of the Themes or give feedback see the names of the advocates on the slide below.


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