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Registration Is Open: PM Fair 2020 - The Digital Fair


PM Fair 2020, the Digital Fair

Firstly, for reasons that should be obvious to all, this year’s event will be virtual and not physical: we are going online. No physical face-to-face sessions are envisaged. Instead, the congress will be made up of a series of webinars, online workshops and master classes.

Whilst presenting numerous challenges, this also provides plenty of opportunities.

The congress will be spread over an entire week, from Monday the 28th of September, through to, and including, Saturday the 3rd of October. The intention is to offer morning ‘coffee time’ sessions, along with lunch time opportunities, and additional sessions in the early or late evening, thereby maximising the possibility for our members to participate, either in live webinars, or by accessing recorded sessions.


Please be sure you are logged in to our chapter website to be able to view and register for the PM Fair 2020 events.

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