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The Buddy Program - Pilot 2020


Members are the body and the soul of the chapter. Membership engagement and satisfaction is the PMIs No.1 measure of success. 2020 heralds not only our brand refresh but our drive to Boost Membership Value. A key element of this is the launch of the PMI NL Chapter Buddy Program.

As the first step, we are launching a lightweight Buddy Program starting on the 1st of July 2020. The pilot, planned for 4 months, culminates in an ‘experience share’ during the end of the year New Members & Volunteers Event. This will inform any new Buddy Program / initiatives to Boost Membership Value in the future.

Buddies will have a great opportunity - in their own style - to share their experience and help new members to integrate into and get the best out of the chapter!

And the benefits go both ways… being a Buddy is also a valuable experience in developing your skillset as a PM and as a PMI leader. More broadly, you will be have the option to influence any full Buddy Program by your feedback, and be a co-designer of any new programs to Boost Membership Value.

Your involvement is not measured by quantity of hours – any support (even 1 hour a month) is hugely value-add – but in knowing you have delivered genuine value to our new members.

Help us to bring the Buddy Program pilot 2020 to life and to shape the Buddy Program 2021!

If you are interested in being a 2020 Buddy, please email us at: membership@pmi-nl.nl


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