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PM Fair 2021


The environment where a project manager works is very dynamic and progressive. Society is evolving towards a situation where climate, sustainability and social responsibility are becoming more and more important. People are increasingly aware of these issues and want to do the right thing. Most companies are aware of the changing mindset in society and are trying to adapt to the changing situation, to rethink and reinvent themselves. And at a certain point of time, this will affect the way of dealing and managing different projects.

The 2021 PM Fair asks our participants of these global events: ‘Is everybody ready to make a change?’

The aim of the program is to understand whether companies and project managers have been affected by this global awareness in society. And what we can do to be one step ahead or how we can deal with this changing situation. We are looking for you to share insights and lessons learned, to broaden horizons and put the wheels in motion to help create ‘Project Managers of the future’.

Building on last year’s successful extension of the event to become the international Benelux PM Fair, we are pleased to announce the 2021 PM Fair with the participation of the chapters of Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium. Going virtual enables us to extend the existing wonderful relationship among the different chapters and to expand our potential audience to over 2,000 members. Last year’s event taught us that this was a successful cooperation which we want to maintain and improve.

The circumstances did change in comparison with last year and that’s why we will approach this year’s event two-sided:

  • Monday 4th October through Thursday 7th October are live online sessions
  • Friday 8th October will be a physical live event for the Belgian members, and the sessions in the main room will also be live streamed online (you can register for them). 

Please visit the PM Fair 2021 website at www.pmfair.org for the program, the latest updates & information, and to register.


Type of category: Webinar

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Date: 4 to 8th October 2021

Hour: 8:00 to 20:00

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