Looking for volunteers

Volunteer contributions of time, talent and resources are critical in fulfilling our mission to promote the principles of the global Project Management Institute and support our project managers.


How to Become a Volunteer

  • Step 1 - Understand the Scope & Benefits of Volunteering
  • Step 2 - Review the Volunteers Opportunities via VRMS, the table below, OR simply Contact Us 
  • Step 3 - Apply via VRMS or as the Volunteer Lead indicates.
  • Step 4 - Hopefully you become a Volunteer and enjoy a fulfilling time in this new role
  • Step 5 - Feedback to the Volunteers Lead on how you find the experience and ideally encourage others to volunteer.



Code Role / Title Description Link
45028 Social Good Volunteer (Dutch Speaker) - Provide education to scholars/students (in Dutch) and not for profit Organizations
- Organize activities and events to pledge hours in support of PMI Global Objective supporting the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs).
- Form relationships with Schools & NGOs
46631 Marketing Volunteer Volunteer responsible for chapter based marketing activities to increase awareness of both the chapter and the PMI brand within the territory. The volunteer will develop and execute an integrated marketing program to support member acquisition, member retention, event promotion, outreach activities,
sponsorships, and other related activities in alignment with the chapter’s strategic objectives and PMI’s messaging. These activities shall be performed in accordance with chapter bylaws and PMI policies, brand guidelines and global marketing strategy.
46628 Events Lead Volunteer responsible for the overall planning, promotion, and logistics of various chapter seminars, roadshows, workshops, conventions, expos, conferences and other possible in-person, virtual or hybrid events that aim ultimately to foster chapter membership growth and retention, nurture the volunteer experience through engagement and deliver value to the project management community. This may also include, but is not limited to, supporting event marketing strategy, venue searches, recruiting and leading talented speakers and volunteers, managing expenses, developing sustainable partnerships with companies and organizations, and solving budget issues. LEARN MORE

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, we encourage you to contact us using our contact us page.

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