Looking for volunteers

Volunteer contributions of time, talent and resources are critical in fulfilling our mission to promote the principles of the global Project Management Institute and support our project managers.


How to Become a Volunteer

  • Step 1 - Understand the Scope & Benefits of Volunteering
  • Step 2 - Review the Volunteers Opportunities via VRMS, the table below, OR simply Contact Us 
  • Step 3 - Apply via VRMS or as the Volunteer Lead indicates.
  • Step 4 - Hopefully you become a Volunteer and enjoy a fulfilling time in this new role
  • Step 5 - Feedback to the Volunteers Lead on how you find the experience and ideally encourage others to volunteer.



Code Role / Title Description Link
38527 Volunteer - CAPM Program The role is to support the CAPM4Students Program. CLICK HERE


Events Lead Events Lead is responsible for planning, managing, and supervising the execution of Chapter's meetings and events. The role will play critical role together with Director Events in not only in execution of events but also in providing value to the PMI NL members. CLICK HERE
37154 Membership Team Lead Reports to the Director of Membership & Volunteers (M&V). The job is to support the Director of M&V in executing the chapter initiatives and supporting other members of the team / chapter when or if required. Responsible for the Chapter Membership Plan. Initiates and executes activities to increase new membership and membership retention. CLICK HERE
38055 Volunteers Team Leader ● Reports to the Director of Membership & Volunteers. Is a peer with the PMI NL Chapter - Membership Lead

● Responsible for the Chapter Volunteers Plan

● Initiates and executes activities to increase number of new Volunteers and Volunteer retention

○ Registration of Volunteers (VRMS)

○ Conduct activities to demonstrate appreciation to volunteers for the hours they donate to the Chapter

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, we encourage you to contact us using our contact us page.

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