What is the Buddy Program?


Main objective of the Buddy Program is to connect new members of the PMI- NL Chapter with the more experienced ones facilitating their orientation process. It could act as an initial point of contact for general queries, while introducing them to the opportunities and resources the chapter has to offer. It is structured in a light & informal way. It has proven to be a great way of enhancing new membership satisfaction, longevity in the chapter and also increases overall connectivity within the chapter. 


Who is the Buddy Program for?


Are you a member of the chapter for a while and you want to connect with new members and help them discover how the NL chapter could support them in their PM journey as well as what opportunities (e.g. Volunteers) has to offer, then you are the perfect candidate for Buddy Lead. New members will really appreciate this, and will also enjoy the experience :)


If you just joined the chapter or you are still quite new in the chapter, wouldn’t you love the possibility to have someone to bring you up to speed and have a conversation about PMI insights, while expanding your network? Then you sign up as Buddy!


How does it work?

Buddies will be assigned to small groups with 1 or 2 Buddy leads – depending the participation. The group will spend some time together on an agreed basis  – the amount of time & frequency will be defined by  the group- as well as have the opportunity to be exposed to the internal PMI-NL functions on Intro sessions.


Why participate?

Old members will get the chance to expand their network and deepen ther knowledge of around the chapter while earning up to 5 PDU’s ( 1 pdu per h of participation) for giving back to the profession.

New members will get a better understanding of PMI NL and offered opportunities, expand their network and enhance their onboarding experience