Disciplined Agile

Disciplined Agile (DA) is an agnostic, hybrid tool kit that harnesses hundreds of Agile, Lean, and traditional strategies to guide you to the best way of working (WoW) for your team or organization to increase effectiveness in a context-sensitive manner with this people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach

What is Disciplined Agile?

The DA tool kit is the foundation for enterprise agility, providing contextualized advice for all aspects of your organization.


Why Disciplined Agile?

True business agility comes from freedom, not frameworks. Disciplined Agile helps you to learn about your options and guides you to your best next step.


Disciplined Agile Mindset

is captured in the form of principles, promises, and guidelines.


Disciplined Agile Tool kit

provides straightforward guidance to help organizations streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner, providing a solid foundation for business agility. 


Success Stories

highlight how teams and organizations are implementing Disciplined Agile to improve their Way of Working (WoW).


Certification Program – Shuhari concept

is a different approach of training and certification via a progressive path to agile mastery.


Resources - DA™ Browser

Browse the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) goals and their decision points, options and guidance visually.


Connect with our Disciplined Agile Champion, Arina Zaytseva to talk about the Disciplined Agile toolkit, professional learning, peer collaboration and new Ways of Working (WoW).


Arina Zaytseva

Disciplined Agile Champion     



What we do

We support the continuous engagement with our PMI NL Chapter Community and local Disciplined Agile communities, particularly by

  • sharing information/updates and providing guidance to learning and development opportunities
  • offering special focused DA & Agile events, engaging in and promoting related projects
  • developing collaborative network with local and global DA experts and practitioners to share insights, experiences and best practices.


Events and Resources

  • “Disciplined Agile: how to optimize your Business Agility by choosing your Way of Working” (2020).
  • “Creating Psychological Safety: a Google Case Study” in the framework of Agile20 Reflect Festival (2021).
  • “Disciplined Agile: Interactive Live Online Workshop” (2021).
  • “When and how is Agile suitable for your company” (2021).
  • “How agile are companies in the Netherlands in 2021?” PMI Agile 2021 Survey Study Project (2021).
  • “How does Disciplined Agile (DA) compare to other Methodologies” (2022).
  • “Effective Enterprise Transformation: How to set up for success using practices from the Disciplined Agile (DA) Toolkit” (2022).
  • “Fostering Psychological Safety & Trust in Digital Workplaces with Disciplined Agile” (2022).
  • "Future of Work with Disciplined Agile: How Technology Can Help Project Managers Fix Key Project Meetings." (2023)
  • Disciplined Agile: “Progression from Project Management toValue Delivery Management”. (2023)
  • “How much will it cost? How long will it take? A Deep dive into Disciplined Agile Estimation Techniques and Activities”. Kick-off partnership between PMI Netherlands Chapter and PMI ATP-I Go ROHO on Disciplined Agile. (2023)


Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming event and have a look at  our blog for news update.


The recordings of above mentioned DA webinars and accompanying PDF presentations are available to PMI NL Chapter Members on https://pmi-nl.nl/members-only and for Non-Members on demand.