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Emerging Trends in Project Management


Recent studies made by PMI (Pulse of the Profession) we can see various insights into the Project Management trends, however we took a closer look asking what are some of the worst performing industries in Europe (Financial Services was the worst when looking at highest degree of ‘waste’ in the industry) as well as the worst performing geographic region in the world [Europe, again based on highest degree of ‘waste’]. All this and more can be found in the Research Highlights by Industry and Region from the 2020 Pulse of the Profession survey.

What this means is that we as Project Managers are increasingly in demand and need to advance our ways of working and leverage technology to improve our success rates in a time where projects are getting more complex and happening more often!

Within our Roaring 20s event we also touched on the Digital space within project management and how new technology will disrupt the project management profession. Our local members who attended were often in disbelief as to the level of technology and expected future skills that a PM should have based on the study performed by PMI. Our results often found or members assuming more value in soft skills but didn’t realize the value of automation (RPA) or AI can give to PMs.

To learn more about the future of our profession and a lot of thought leadership, please go to https://www.pmi.org/learning/thought-leadership.


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