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*The goal of the Mentorship Program is to provide you with an opportunity to develop a relationship with more experienced project management professionals (Mentors) in order to guide and support you in your career goals. This is done by fostering a safe environment where you can seek advice, address challenges you are facing, set new goals and achieve professional growth. Information provided below are only reviewed by Mentorship Program leaders and disclosed to matching Mentors, apart from such kept as confidential.

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*In submitting this application you acknowledge that you will take reasonable effort to (1) attend all meetings agreed to with your mentor; (2) attend the kick-off and close-out sessions; (3) participate in a mid-program anonymous survey; and (4) timely respond to mentoring team emails requesting status updates or any other related information.
*By applying and participating in this Mentorship Program, participants agree that they have read and understood the content of both the Mentorship Handbook and Mentorship Code of Conduct and will abide by its guidelines and code of conduct. We reserve the right to change or update these documents at any given time and encourage participants to frequently visit the Mentorship Program page to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes.
*By participating in the Mentorship Program, all participants agree that their contact details may be shared with Threon N.V. for marketing purposes and to receive special offers or event notifications exclusive to the partnership agreement.
*All PMI credential holders participating in this Mentoring Program are responsible for self-reporting their earned PDU’s. For more information, please refer to FAQ’s.
*By applying and participating in this Mentorship Program, participants agree that neither PMI, the PMI Netherlands Chapter, nor any of its representatives can be held liable for the suggestions and/or advice provided during the mentoring relationship.
*Should you wish to withdraw, please notify the mentoring team as soon as possible. Should you feel your goals have been accomplished before the program closes, please thank your mentor and notify the Mentoring Program Manager that you are moving on. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
Thank you for your participation.