POYA Award Disclaimer

Conflicts of interest are deemed a potential threat and these are considered very seriously. At every stage, it will be attempted to do everything to minimise occurrences of conflicts while ensuring that the best work is recognised during the awards process.

The POYA team does not influence the judges in any shape or form and selects a diverse panel of judges that are objective, respected, and knowledgeable in the area of Project Management.

The Nominees and Winners outcome are entirely in the hands of the judging panel who will select and assess the entries through an independent process (based on the application Eligibility Criteria).

Judges  may not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest.  Such situations are closely monitored , and Judges are asked on a recurring basis whether any conflict of interest has been identified  so they may excuse themselves from their role.

Conflict can occur if:

  • The member/judge is from the same organisation as the nominee.
  • There is a family or close relation link between the member and the nominee.
  • The member is a former research manager, colleague or student of the nominee within the past 5 years.
  • The member has had or has a contract relationship with the nominee within the past 5 years.
  • The member is uncomfortable with participating in the deliberations due to previous conflicts or any other reason.
  • The member is a nominee.



  • Judges must sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the Awards, nominations and scoring systems.
  • Information that is provided in nominations including support material is confidential.
  • Information that may be used as part of the Awards process must be the responsibility of the person making the nomination to ensure that no material is included that is commercially confidential.


The Judging Process

The nominations, evaluation process and scores are proprietary to PMI Netherlands Chapter and will not be disclosed to nominators or nominees.

The judge will be asked to complete the score sheet provided for Project of the Year.

For the purposes of consistency in judging it is vitally important that each judge scores consistently across all nominations. To assist in the scoring process each judging criterion will be tabled in the scoring sheet, scored out of 10, and then an average will be calculated to come up with the score.


A follow-up meeting will be scheduled by the POYA Award team after the judging process is complete, during which the following agenda items will be discussed:

  1. To discuss the results of each award’s scoresheet and any moderation / calibration required for finalists’ and winners’ scores.
  2. Where there is not a clear winner, either through a lower standard of submissions or a lack of entries, to decide whether to award to the highest-scoring nominee or to withdraw the award for 2022
  3. Summarise the factors making the award winner worthy into a message to read out during the presentation ceremony.